1x16 PLC Mechanical Sealing Dome Fiber Optic Enclosure Box Model: MBN-FOSC-B1-PLC

30 years’ span life mechanical sealing dome fiber optic enclosure box from China supplier, is re-enterable and reusable, widely used in FTTH access network.

  • Model: MBN-FOSC-B1-PLC
  • Dimension: 45x23CM (H*D)
  • Capacity: 24-96 Cores (4 X 24 splice tray), 18-24 port SC/LC adapters; 1X8, 1X16 mini PLC Splitter
  • PLC Splitter: 1X8, 1X16 mini PLC Splitter
  • Cable Ports: 2 In 4 Out
  • Cable Diameter: Φ7.0-Φ18.0mm
  • Material: Strengthen Polymer Plastic
  • Sealing Structure: Mechanical Sealing
  • Protection Grade: IP67
Name 1×16 PLC Mechanical Sealing Dome Fiber Optic Enclosure Box
Dimension 45x23CM (H*D)
Capacity 18-24 port SC/LC adapters; 1X8, 1X16 mini PLC Splitter
Cable Ports 2 In 4 Out, 6 Ports
Cable Diameter Φ7~Φ18mm
Sealing Structure Mechanical Sealing
Material Strengthen Polymer Plastic
Max Capacity 24-96 Cores (4 X 24 splice tray)
Operating Temperature -45℃~70℃
Protection Grade IP67

MBN-FOSC-B1-PLC mechanical sealing fiber optic enclosure box provides space and protection for the fiber optic cable splicing and joint. The fiber optic enclosure box belongs to the accommodation of the optical fiber fusion splice section system. Fiber optic enclosure box is widely applied to the connection of the fiber play the roles in sealing, protection, installation of fiber connector head, and storage.

1.Aging resistance: thermal, thermal radiation, air, ozone has a good stability.
2.Corrosion resistance: Acid, Salt, Oxidants, Aliphatic hydrocarbons, which are strong anti-resistance.
3.Sealing Technology: Using reusable open-type seal assembly, in order to ensure good airtight waterproof performance.
4.Mechanical properties: the ability to endure the harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, tensile cable distortion and strong temperature changes.
5.Locking devices: no special tools, easy to install and repeat the open.
6.Follow function: the use of laminated clamshell structure, without removing the other splice tray operation.

CATV networks
Optical fiber communication
Fiber optic network convergence
Optical fiber access network
Widely used in FTTH access network
Telecommunication networks
Data communications networks
Local area networks
Aerial, Direct buried, underground, pipeline, hand-holes, duct mounting, wall mounting.

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