Fiber Optic Wall Socket / Face Plate

FTTH Fiber Wall Socket employs a compact plug-in design, combines a modern design concept, adopts imported plastic, Fiber Wall Socket is of a graceful appearance and applicable for FTTH, FTTO and FTTD, etc., and Fiber Wall Socket allows easy use in different installation environments.

Bwinners Fiber Optic Wall Socket / Face Plate

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Why Bwinners Fiber Wall Socket

Small size, lightweight, use conveniently
ABS material, fireproof and dust-proof
Radians appearance makes it slinky
Suitable for various modules and multimedia interfaces
Support MM or SM fiber connection
Used in FTTH indoor application, home or work area
Provide users with optical access or data access
Suitable for SC/LC adapters

Name 2/4 Ports Fiber Socket
Model SJ-FTTH-SK-1
Dimension 130X83X25mm
Installation Fixed by screw in Wall Mount
Material ABS + PC
Capacity 2 Ports for SC, 4 Ports for LC
Color White
Available Cable 3.1mm*2.0mm rubber fiber cable
Insertion loss <0.2dB
Reflection loss ≥45dB (PC ) ≥60dB(APC)
Tensile strength >50N

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