Fiber Optical Distribution Frame

Fiber Optical Distribution Frame

ODF is the short name of the Fiber Optical Distribution Frame, function very effectively as the single point of distribution for all LAN, SAN and telecommunication services in the data center, the protector of optical cable termination and line transmission. Fiber Optical Distribution Frame integrates fiber splicing, fiber termination, fiber optic adapters and connectors, and cable connections in a single unit.

12 Cores Fiber Splice Tray

Model: SJ-Model-1

Dimension: 300X180X25mm

Material: ABS

Capacity: 12 Fibers

24 Ports LC Duplex Fiber Optic Splice Tray

Model: SJ-Model-5

Dimension: 300X200X23mm

Material: ABS

Capacity: 24 Ports LC Duplex

12 Cores Fiber Splicing Tray, Fiber Optic Tray

Model: SJ-Model-2

Dimension: 320X200X25mm

Material: ABS

Capacity: 12 Fibers

12 Cores Fibers Splicing Tray,Optic Splice Tray

Model: SJ-Model-4

Dimension: 255×180×25mm

Material: ABS

Capacity: 12 Fibers

12Core Splice Tray, Fiber Optic Distribution Tray

Model: SJ-Model-3

Dimension: 300x180x25mm

Material: ABS

Capacity: 12 Fibers

Outdoor ODF Cabinet, 96 Port ODF

Model: SJ-ODF-96

Dimension: 225X485X345mm

Capacity: 96 Fibers

72 Fibers Outdoor ODF, ODF Rack Mount

Model: SJ-ODF-72

Dimension: 180X485X345mm

Capacity: 72 Fibers

48 Fibers ODF Box, Rack Mount ODF

Model: SJ-ODF-48-2

Dimension: 132X485X342mm

Capacity: 48 Fibers

ODF 48 Port, 48 Core Rack Mount ODF

Model: SJ-ODF-48-1

Dimension: 132X485X342mm

Capacity: 48 Fibers

ODF 24 Core, 24 Port ODF

Model: SJ-ODF-24

Dimension: 90X485X285mm

Capacity: 24 Fibers

Fiber ODF, ODF 12 Core

Model: SJ-ODF-12

Dimension: 44.5X485X285mm

Capacity: 12 Fibers

128 Fibers PLC Splitter ODF

Model: SJ-PLC-3U

Dimension: 131X485X90mm

Capacity: 128 Fibers

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